And the Word Became Flesh

An essay by Pablo A. Jiménez:

Jiménez, Pablo A. “And the Word Became Flesh: Homiletics and Evangelical Preaching in Hispanic Churches”, In The Hispanic Evangelical Church in the United States: History, Ministry and Challenges, edited by Samuel Pagán. Elk Grove, CA: National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, 2016, pp. 299-326.

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The Hispanic Evangelical Church
The Hispanic Evangelical Church


Preaching Against the Text


How to preach a biblical text that suggest a theological claim contrary to the Gospel? Preaching Against the Text is the provocative title of a workshop on Biblical preaching that explores this matter. Here are some resources for the workshop:

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A list of recommended BOOKS about Preaching, Biblical Preaching & Bible Commentaries


From Text to Sermon with Philippians 1.1-6: A Latino/a Hispanic theological perspective.

Preaching Against the Text: Ronald J. Allen, “Preaching Against the Text” Encounter 48 no 1 (Winter 1987): 105-115.

The Laborers of the Vineyard: Pablo A. Jiménez, “The laborers of the Vineyard (Matthew 20.1-16): A Hispanic Homiletical Reading” Journal for Preachers 21 no 1 (Advent 1997): 35-40.

The Three-Steps System: Biblical Interpretation for Preaching: Handout on PDF format.

What Makes Preaching “Biblical”?: Short essay on PDF format.

Electronic Presentations (PDF format)

What Makes Preaching “Biblical”?: Biblical Preaching 101

The Three_Steps System: Biblical Preaching 102

Preaching Against the Text: Biblical Preaching 103

Preaching Biblical Narratives: Biblical Preaching 104


The following resources are on PDF format. You may download & use the forms as explained by Dr. Jiménez in class.

1. The Point of Contact: Key questions for Lectio Divina.

2. The Three-Step System: Key questions for a interpreting a biblical text for preaching.

3. Sermon Worksheet: Use this form to fashion sermon outlines.

4. Sermon Evaluation Sheet: Use this form to evaluate sermon, both in class and at church.


Watch! A sermon about Matthew 24.44

On mental slavery (Exodus 16)

The Aroma of Christ

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Videos of Justo L. González and Pablo A. Jiménez at the Ogilvie Institute, Fuller Theological Seminary

Here is the link! Watch González and Jiménez speaking about justice, worship, preaching, homiletics and Latino/a Theology at the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA.

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Justo L. González
Justo L. González

The Aroma of Christ (2 Corinthians 2.12–3.6)

An expository sermon on 2 Corinthians 2.12–3.6 by Pablo A. Jiménez, preached January 29, 2015 at the Worship Symposium 2015 of Calvin Center for Worship, Calvin Theological Seminary.

Symposium 2015
Symposium 2015

Pablo @ Calvin Center for Worship

Participating in Calvin Theological Seminary’s 2015 Worship Symposium has been a wonderful experience. Thursday, January 29, I preached twice at the Fine Arts Auditorium.


On Friday, January 30, I led a workshop in English. On Saturday, January 31, I will lead two workshops in Spanish.

The Aroma of Christ (2 Corinthians 2.12-3.6)

An inductive & expository on 2 Corinthians 2.12-3.6, addressing how to transform congregational conflict into opportunities for spiritual growth. Visit #wsymp2015

Symposium 2015
Symposium 2015

On Mental Slavery: A Narrative Sermon on Exodus

Preached in Mandeville, Jamaica, this sermon tells the story of the Exodus from the perspective of one of the liberated Hebrew slaves. The sermon offers a postcolonial perspective on liberation, viewed from the Caribbean.