Preaching Against the Text


How to preach a biblical text that suggest a theological claim contrary to the Gospel? Preaching Against the Text is the provocative title of a workshop on Biblical preaching that explores this matter. Here are some resources for the workshop:

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A list of recommended BOOKS about Preaching, Biblical Preaching & Bible Commentaries


From Text to Sermon with Philippians 1.1-6: A Latino/a Hispanic theological perspective.

Preaching Against the Text: Ronald J. Allen, “Preaching Against the Text” Encounter 48 no 1 (Winter 1987): 105-115.

The Laborers of the Vineyard: Pablo A. Jiménez, “The laborers of the Vineyard (Matthew 20.1-16): A Hispanic Homiletical Reading” Journal for Preachers 21 no 1 (Advent 1997): 35-40.

The Three-Steps System: Biblical Interpretation for Preaching: Handout on PDF format.

What Makes Preaching “Biblical”?: Short essay on PDF format.

Electronic Presentations (PDF format)

What Makes Preaching “Biblical”?: Biblical Preaching 101

The Three_Steps System: Biblical Preaching 102

Preaching Against the Text: Biblical Preaching 103

Preaching Biblical Narratives: Biblical Preaching 104


The following resources are on PDF format. You may download & use the forms as explained by Dr. Jiménez in class.

1. The Point of Contact: Key questions for Lectio Divina.

2. The Three-Step System: Key questions for a interpreting a biblical text for preaching.

3. Sermon Worksheet: Use this form to fashion sermon outlines.

4. Sermon Evaluation Sheet: Use this form to evaluate sermon, both in class and at church.


Watch! A sermon about Matthew 24.44

On mental slavery (Exodus 16)

The Aroma of Christ

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